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Dice Still Free to Good Homes

Dice Still Free to Good Homes

The response to the free dice giveaway has started very strong! Almost 100 sets of the 500 we have are gone, and we expect more orders to pile up while Wolfgang is away at NorWesCon this weekend.

Kobold Quarterly is spending April giving away hundreds of sets of free Q-Workshop dice to new subscribers, and also to the generous souls behind gift subscriptions and adopt-a-soldier sponsorships. These are those snazzy Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, Elven, and Runic dice sets that retail for over $18. Some glow in the dark!

To get your free dice, visit the Subscription page and subscribe to the print or PDF edition – whichever you prefer. Once you subscribe, we’ll send your dice pronto and start your subscription with Kobold Quarterly issue #9.

As before, this offer is limited to the dice on hand – and when they’re gone, they are GONE. So get your FREE Dice before we give them all away.

Just promise us you’ll provide a loving home, and give them frequent spins around the table!

10 thoughts on “Dice Still Free to Good Homes”

  1. If it’s a “free dice giveaway”, how come it costs $4 more than the subscription without the free dice?

  2. Demerol, you’re talking about the PDF-only subscription. The extra $4 is to ship the free dice. PDFs, of course, have no shipping costs.

    On the other hand, the price for the regular print subscription is the same as the print+free dice subscription.

  3. Yes, we will ship dice to New Zealand.

    As Steve said, for a PDF subscription, shipping and handling are an expense we cannot cover for your dice. However, you can get a PDF subscription without dice for $16.

  4. Can’t wait to get my dice. I lost my Gen Con set during a business trip so getting a new set is exciting.

    Oh and I get a cool mag on top of everything…

    You are soooo fiendish Mr. Baur!

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