Deep Magic: Void Magic PDF (5th Edition)

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Speak Not The Words. Read Not The Glyphs.

The speech of the void is oblivion given form. It corrupts and degrades physical reality. The Great Old Ones murmur it to their followers in nightmares, and it is whispered by creatures that dwell in the silent, cold expanses between the stars. Void magic is anathema to existence itself. Only the mad, desperate, or power-hungry seek to wield it—and you are one of them.

Deep Magic: Void Magic brings the secrets of these dark conjurations into your 5e campaign, featuring:

  • A Void school of wizard magic, with two new feats: Void Channeler, and Void Scribe
  • A Void Speaker arcane tradition, with new abilities including Whispers of the Void, Rebuke from Beyond, and Powerful Echo
  • 13 new spells, including conjure voidborn, life drain, maddening whispers, word of misfortune, and more!

Who can say what drives you to master the magic of the void, casting spells that threaten to unmake the universe itself? Yet it may be that someday, when all seems lost, you will be the one who has the power to save the world.

1 review for Deep Magic: Void Magic PDF (5th Edition)

  1. 4 out of 5

    Many creation myths speak of the universe coming into existance when some all-powerful being spoke words into a void – what if that void’s still there and you can find out some of the words that will bestir it into doing something? That’s what void magic is all about. Sounds tasty… but those who look into the void tend to go mad, so beware!

    The school of void magic hinges on being able to master void speech. It’s pretty dangerous, after all the void is a big nothing, oblivion… and by using void speech you give oblivion a form. It’s pretty nasty even when not mixed with magic, and the written word is not much better. Expect bleeding eyes and the very paper degrading in front of you. Even when used with the best intentions, void magic tends to nasty consequences. It’s hard to learn although apparently aboleths are quite good at it. Void magic spells are also hard to learn. You don’t pick them from a list, you have to be taught them by someone else or find them in a scroll or captured spellbook. For those using the Midgard Campaign Setting there are some notes on the best places to find those who can speak void speech and who might know some interesting spells.

    Still want to dabble? Only wizards are able to learn void magic, and there are a couple of feats to aid them. There’s also an arcane tradition,, the Void Speaker, that you can follow. Next we get a very short spell list, a couple of cantrips then one or two spells at 1st to 9th level, followed by their full descriptions and necessary game mechanics. That’s pretty much it, although Void Speakers have the ability to weave a few words of void speech into any spell and cause temporary insanity as well as whatever the spell is supposed to do – nasty.

    It’s an interesting concept but one possibly best confined to your NPCs (until someone steals a spellbook and starts leafing through it…). It reads a bit like a hasty summary of an idea that has been better developed, more is needed if you want to make void magic an integral part of your game. For example, what are the effects of studying void magic for any length of time? A mechanism for staying sane would be helpful after all the vague threats of it being dangerous to use, although the effects on other people are covered adequately. Even just wandering around muttering in void speech can make people frightened of you. (Wonder if that works on students?)

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