Deep Magic: Rune Magic is Now Available

Deep Magic: Rune Magic is Now Available

Deep Magic: Rune MagicToday, my brothers and sisters, we challenge the gods themselves! All of the North is with us this day. And Valhalla is but a step away…

But we have Deep Magic: Rune Magic, the just released magic guide. It’s frigid to the touch, like the north wind, and the pages sound of cracking ice and the howling wolf. It’s now available in the Kobold store.

The mages say we must go now, that this is the only chance we’ll get. So today, we bring the fire and the ice. We call upon the moon and the sea. We fight with the ravens and wolves at our side. We have each other’s backs.

That power you feel coursing through your blood, beating in your chest, thumping in your skull, charging your voice? That will you feel to vanquish your foes? That need you feel for violence and blood? We now wield the power of the runes!

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