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Collection of Curiosities: Kobold Overlord Day

Collection of Curiosities: Kobold Overlord Day

"Jiro the Kobold" by Pat LoboykoOn today, Kobold Overlord Day, we present to you a quick little table you can use in your game when the player characters are dealing with kobold overlords or kobolds in general. These things might be found in the aftermath of a kobold raid or within a raided kobold warren. If you want to roll randomly for one, use the handy number provided with each entry to figure out your result on a d12.

Just be wary! Kobolds might be small, but they’re fierce and clever, too. That interesting little bauble or trinket might also lead characters right into a trap. It’s up to the DM to decide whether to use one of the traps we have on this site in conjunction with these delightful little tempting-to-pick-up items.

d12. Item

  1. A long and tangled piece of twine has tiny brass bells knotted into it every few feet.
  2. A dingy, brown leather collar with a sea serpent branded along its length is stuck on a jagged piece of splintered wood.
  3. An intricate and spiky ball of cat and rat whiskers is nestled in a corner.
  4. A rounded crystal jar contains tiny silver scales within it.
  5. A necklace made of various types of teeth is hiding within a pile of sticks and moldering leaves.
  6. A broken blue-green glazed pot has light blue salts spilling from it. The scent of the salts is reminiscent of peppermint and eucalyptus, but something else odd and unusual in the melange of scents is extremely offputting—to the characters. Maybe not the kobolds.
  7. A bent sword-cane hangs from a wall by a crude leather rat-chewed strap. The cane has a shattered blade within it. The cane’s head is that of a snarling blue dragon.
  8. A collection of three blue glass jars with no lids exhibits a slimy eyeball in each jar. Ants are crawling into and out of each jar.
  9. A crumpled tin crown has been formed into a ball, which rolls across the path of the characters.
  10. Three goblin heads are on pikes that were recently stuck in place. The goblins each have silver nose rings sticking out of their nostrils, and the rings are covered with dried snot, gore, and the occasional buzzing fly.
  11. A steady stream of doodlebugs is moving away from a head-sized rock studded with small garnets. A glint of metal under the rock is the only hint that a crushed and plain platinum ring with lizardfolk finger is under the rock. The finger looks freshly hewn—most likely bitten off. The rock looks completely different than anything in the area. It’s hard to tell where the doodlebugs have come from.
  12. Three stuffed fabric dragons stand on top of each other against a wall. One is red, another is gold, and the third is silver—or these were those colors before the current owner’s tender care rendered them dirty and smelling of mold.

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