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Collection of Curiosities: Gifts of the Icicle Fey

Collection of Curiosities: Gifts of the Icicle Fey

"Icicles Partnachklamm rb" by Richard Bartz - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons The self-proclaimed icicle fey Sinthia crafts (or steals, according to some) things over the year and places them into icicles, which she then gifts to the villagers of Frostbite. If the adventurers happen to do a good turn for her, she might gift them with one of her extras, which she keeps aside for such reasons. The icicle melts in the spring thaw, revealing what is inside—until that happens, the opaque magical ice can be used as an unbreakable spear (providing assistance if you need a magical weapon to damage something, but no actual damage or attack bonuses in any system you happen to use). You may roll for one of the following icicles or pick one that seems suitable for a given PC.

  1. Two elegant dolls dance with each other when you clap. They have their names on a ribbon that is tied around their waists. (The names are those of the PC’s parents, and the appearance of the dolls changes, over time, to resemble the parents of the PC, whether the parents are alive or dead.)
  2. Silver marbles that stick together like magnets and randomly change configurations.
  3. A belt pouch made of shimmery gold leather. It’s light, and anything placed within it also becomes light while within the pouch.
  4. A parchment scroll contains names. The instruction at the top reads as follows: Designate one of these people to be the recipient of your suffering when you would falter yet must fulfill a sacred obligation. (The list of names should be only those people the PC admires or loves.)
  5. A tiny clockwork chipmunk races up you to perch on your head.
  6. A glass container contains purple-hued ants industriously working within their ant farm. Weirdly, there seems to be a miniature portal at the very bottom of the ants’ farm. Ants go in and out with ease.
  7. A pair of black, furry tights provides you with a dose of warmth that’s just right when you don them. You sometimes “mew” while wearing them, though.
  8. The unicorn horn has a strap on it. A note attached to the strap states the following: Wear this upon your head at your peril. People collect unicorn horns.
  9. The jar of random sweets seems to always be full.
  10. A scrap of paper states this: You may now change your name to whatever you so wish. Write it upon this slip of paper, then burn it. Ever after, people will call you this new name; they will never remember the old name. It will be struck from all records in favor of your new name.
  11. This masquerade mask comforts you for some reason. Attached to it is this note: This belongs to a potential future ally. When you meet this person, you will know. Please present this mask to the person or risk that person becoming a staunch enemy instead.
  12. A rectangular piece of crystal has these words etched in it: Quote of the Day—“Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens.”—Tolkien (You may use whatever quote you want—this one is provided as a starter. Have fun with them! They could be from anywhere. They could sometimes give a clue as to the path ahead, too.)

Happy New Year!

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