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Collection of Curiosities: Death Threats and Invitations

Collection of Curiosities: Death Threats and Invitations

"Jiro the Kobold" by Pat LoboykoDeath threats and invitations don’t always have to be uttered. They can be written and include some props that somehow add meaning to the message. Each one of the items below comes with a hand-written threat or invitation. You can roll randomly for a result below, or use the handy number provided with each entry to figure out your result on a d12. You can also pick the one that works for the area in which your characters currently linger.

d12. Curiosity

  1. An empty djinn lamp arrives. The note includes these words: “It is out. It is coming for you.”
  2. Upon being opened, a magical effect causes a rain of multicolored worms to fall on the heads of all around. The words inside include these: “These worms are the babies. The mother of worms is MUCH larger. I hope you enjoy being eaten alive.”
  3. A parade of dancing bears holding umbrellas drops off the message, which states the following: “I have a ludicrous death in store for you. Dancing bears are the least of it.”
  4. A small box shaped like a coffin arrives. In it is a dagger whose blade shines an iridescent purple hue. A note reads: “This is the blade that will kill you.” The dagger vanishes.
  5. A gorgeous flower arrangement arrives, and it includes every poisonous flower known to sages and herbalists. The message included with it says: “I shall make sure your funeral is well-decorated with tastefully delightful flowers. Please have your best clothing ready.”
  6. The ants that are streaming across the floor seem to be growing larger and larger with every hundred or so ants. When they have become larger than a human thumb, the ants suddenly stop and form up in these words: “The ants come marching one by one; your people will soon die in multitudes.”
  7. A quick flash of sparkling glitter fills the area, except for one spot on the floor, where words have been formed: “Stir this dust up, and meet your doom. Have fun leaving the room!”
  8. A delivery person bears a wonderful gown or suit of clothing. On the front is pinned this note, which is addressed to a specific person: “Your days of being a victim of fashion are over. Put this on, or not, but it would be nice for you to wear this to your funeral.”
  9. A glass jar with shimmering fur arrives. The label on the jar reads: “Open me for one kind of death. Keep me closed for the OTHER kind of death! Have fun choosing!!!”
  10. A tray filled with glowing, swaying mushrooms arrives. The note on the tray says: “Please free my kinfolk. If you don’t, the spores from these mushrooms, which you are already inhaling, will kill you within a week. My kinfolk are a day away.”
  11. A single jigsaw puzzle piece comes in this envelope, accompanied by a note: “You have two months to find the rest of this puzzle. If you do not, the entire population in this forsaken area will die.”
  12. Two kittens chase each other into the room. Both have notes on their collars. One reads: “Laugh! I am cute!” The other reads: “Set me free, chase me, and see where I lead! If not, the Death of Kittens will take your soul.”

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