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Celeste Conowitch at Kobold Press

Celeste Conowitch at Kobold Press

Today, a new kobold joins the party!

Hey there, adventurers! My name is Celeste Conowitch, and I am thrilled to announce that as of today I’m stepping into the role of Senior Game Designer at Kobold Press. Over the past years, I have had the privilege of working with Kobold Press on several projects, so when the opportunity to come on board full-time presented itself, I leaped at the chance!

Here’s my character backstory for those unfamiliar with my work.

I have been deeply in love with the fantasy genre since Tolkien’s The Hobbit set my young mind on fire, and the past decades have been marked by joyful memories of gaming. When 5E first hit the scene, I took my 15 years of eternal-GM experience public. I launched the D&D actual play podcast Venture Maidens, which propelled me deep into the heart of the online gaming community. The six years that followed have been a whirlwind of delights as I gained the confidence to leave a corporate sales career to pursue my dream of making games full time.

As a freelancer, I was lucky to work with some of the giants in the 5E scene, racking up over 40 designer credits in published products. Some of my greatest hits have included design work on Wizards of the Coast’s Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden, MCDM Production’s Kingdoms & Warfare, the Venture Maidens Campaign Guide produced by 2CGaming, and of course my work on Kobold Press products, like Tome of Beasts 2, Tome of Beasts 3, and Book of Ebon Tides.

A couple years ago, freelancing took a backseat when I accepted a full-time game designer position at 2CGaming. During my tenure at 2C, I sharpened critical publisher skills like product development, marketing, and management. With my creative and managerial powers now combined, the opportunity to join the Kobold Press team as Senior Game Designer was a stroke of destiny.

I am proud to stand here today at one of the best companies in the biz, lending my sword to Kobold Press’s continuing path of excellence. With the scene now set, let’s roll initiative!

13 thoughts on “Celeste Conowitch at Kobold Press”

  1. Cristy Pollak

    Yes! We remember your gaming days at the kitchen table with your high school friends! You belong at Kobold, they rolled a 20 with hiring you!

  2. Cheriann Reed

    Bravo, Celeste! I have followed & admired your work for many years. You & Kobold will make high rolls together. Congratulations!

  3. Celeste can’t be considered a secret weapon anymore. By now she is a legendary holy avenger of awesomeness famed throughout the land. She brings a perfect blend of bold creative concepts and deft player-centered story building wherever she goes. Many years listening to the Venture Maidens make me truly excited to see what smoking leviathans Celeste will fashion at the dark forges of the Kobold tribe.

  4. Congratulations Celeste – continue to be the difference-maker that you are!

    The hobby and world needs your art and our experience to make things better for all of us.


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