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Articles By Author - Nick Landry

Midgard Ley Magic: Locating Ley Lines

Welcome back to our series on Midgard ley magic. In the inaugural entry, we revisited ley lines, discussed GM prep, and introduced a couple of new ley magic spells. In this article, we dive deeper into GM preparation, presenting a set of optional tables used to answer the most common geomancer question: “Are there any ley lines nearby?” Locating Ley Lines Ley line savants (2nd-level geomancers) and Ley Initiates (feat) can sense the presence of...

Midgard Ley Magic: Revisiting Ley Lines

We’ve enjoyed playing spellcasters in our favorite fantasy roleplaying game for decades. Clerics receive powers as favors from the gods while warlocks literally sell their souls to fiendish (and other) patrons, but what about arcane casters like wizards and sorcerers? Schools of magic like illusion or abjuration dictate the nature of specific spells and effects, but their underlying source remains an unanswered question. Midgard stands apart...

Kobold FAQ: Ley Magic

Considering making a new geomancer or picking up one of the ley magic feats? You might have many questions about ley lines and how they work. I know I did, so I went to the source and asked Dan Dillon, author of the book Deep Magic 5: Ley Lines from Kobold Press. Here is a summary of that conversation, FAQ style. All the answers come from Dan (except for the first two questions, which I added to provide a more complete FAQ). Q: What are ley...

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