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Articles By Author - Jeff Lee

Demon Cults of the Southlands

In today’s look at the Southlands Kickstarter, Jeff Lee introduces himself and provides you with a peek at what you can expect from the demon cults. Prepare for real-world inspiration mixed in with pulp and more! Hello, folks, I’m Jeff Lee. I’m one of the new kids on the block, relatively speaking, when it comes to freelance writing. As a gamer, though, I’ve got over three decades of experience, going all the way back to...

Monarch of the Monsters 4: Phlogistian Faerie

In the past few weeks, we had many wonderful entries to the Monarch of the Monsters contest, and our talented and skilled judges chose five finalists from among the entries. We now present those five finalists to you so that you can enjoy them, and, at the end of the week, vote on your favorite. This time, we have the phlogistian faerie by Jeff Lee. A lithe, feminine form leaps and twirls amid the conflagration, not only unharmed by the flames,...

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