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Secrets of the Emerald Order: Emerald Order Initiate

The Emerald Order is one of the few organizations in Demon Cults & Secret Societies that is not actively malicious. There are certainly many evil members who pursue their studies in the order for personal power and gain; however, their overall goals are not necessarily evil. In the first installment, we provided you with an arcane tradition available only to Emerald Order members. Presented here is a new background for those characters who...

Secrets of the Emerald Order: Disciple of the Emerald Esoterica

The Emerald Order is a mystic cabal that jealously guards the Emerald Tablets, upon which the secrets of the universe were inscribed by Thoth-Hermes himself. The most dedicated and driven members of the Emerald Order gain the opportunity to study in the order’s private libraries, sifting through books and scrolls penned by members past and present that explain the mysteries of the Emerald Tablets. The most promising of this inner circle are...

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