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Children of Typhon: Spells and Magic Items

Children of Typhon: Spells and Magic Items

Typhon, Father of Monsters, is chained beneath a lone mountain by the powers of good. Typhon desires escape, but thus far, no known power can free him.

The Children of Typhon are the cult that worships the Father of Monsters. They seek untapped knowledge and power in their attempts to free him.

While their toil has yet to succeed, they have developed new spells and items to strengthen the cult. Behold a sampling of the fruits of their labors, given to NPC cultists as you see fit.

New Spells

Greater Knock

4th-Level Transmutation
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 60 feet
Components: V
Duration: Instantaneous

Choose an object that you can see within range. The object can be a door, a box, a chest, a set of manacles, a padlock, or another object that contains a mundane or magical means that prevents access, or a magical barrier, such as a wall of force.

A target that is held shut by a mundane lock or that is stuck or barred becomes unlocked, unstuck, or unbarred. If the object has multiple locks, up to three of them are unlocked. If the target is held shut with arcane lock, the spell is dispelled.

If you target a wall of force, or similar spell that creates a barrier, make an ability check using your spellcasting ability. The DC equals 10 + the spell’s level. On a successful check, the spell is suppressed for 1 round, returning at the beginning of your next turn.

When you cast the spell, a loud, booming knock, audible from as far away as 600 feet, emanates from the target object.

Phase Walk

3rd-Level Transmutation
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Touch
Components: V, S
Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute

You touch a willing creature, giving it the ability to move through objects as if they were difficult terrain. If the creature ends its turn inside an object, it takes 5 (1d10) force damage and is shunted to the nearest unoccupied space.

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 4th level or higher, you can target one additional creature for each slot level above 3rd. The creatures must be close enough to touch when you target them.

Transform Surroundings

8th-Level Transmutation
Casting Time: 10 minutes
Range: 300 feet
Components: V, S, M (a bowl of mercury, which the spell consumes)
Duration: 24 hours

You transform terrain in a 150-foot cube within range, changing it as you choose. This spell can affect all natural terrain and any nonmagical objects or structures within the area of effect. Terrain can be manipulated as you wish; a meadow can be turned into swampy ground, a low hill flattened into a plain, or a pond completely frozen over.

Objects can have their appearance and structure changed so long as they remain in the same state; liquids remain liquids; solids remain solid. You can change the wooden walls of a building to stone or iron, or the water of a well into wine.

These changes last until the spell ends. If an object is removed from the area of effect, it returns to its normal form. Creatures in the area of effect cannot be changed, though they are subject to any effects of the terrain in the area.

New Magic Items

Gelatinous Elixir, Lesser

Potion, Uncommon

When you drink this potion, your body, along with any items you wear or carry, transforms into an ooze. You remain in this form for 1 hour (no concentration required) or until you end the effect as a bonus action. Your land speed becomes 15 feet, and you gain a climb speed of 15 feet. You gain blindsight with a radius of 60 feet, but are blind beyond this radius. You cannot speak or cast spells, but you gain a pseudopod attack that deals 3 (1d6) bludgeoning damage, plus the appropriate ability modifier. Additionally, you are amorphous and can move through a space as narrow as 1 inch wide without squeezing.

Gelatinous Elixir, Greater

Potion, Rare

This potion acts as a lesser gelatinous elixir, but you also gain the following additional properties. You gain immunity to acid, resistance to piercing and slashing damage, and your pseudopod attack deals an additional 7 (2d6) acid damage.

Manticore Cloak

Wondrous Item, Very Rare (Requires Attunement)

This heavy cloak is made from the hide of a manticore, with its tail sewn onto the cloak’s collar and trailing down the wearer’s back. The cloak acts as wings of flying, turning into a pair of manticore wings when you speak the command word, but the tail remains attached to you.

As a bonus action, you can fire a tail spike at a target as a ranged attack. Tail spikes have a range of 100/200 feet and deal 1d8 + your Dexterity modifier piercing damage on a successful hit. The tail has 24 spikes total. Any expended spikes regrow at the end of a long rest, as long as you are attuned to the cloak. The tail spike attack can be used even when the wings are not activated.

Ring of Typhon’s Blessing

Ring, Rare

When wearing this twisted, black iron ring, any creatures you summon with a conjuration spell are bolstered by Typhon’s demonic power. All such summoned creatures gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls, damage rolls, and Armor Class. They also gain advantage on saving throws against effects that cause them to be charmed or frightened.


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