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Articles By Author - Jeff Grubb

Warlock’s Apprentice: Jann of the Burnished City

The genies of the Elemental Planes keep slaves, but they also need servants—individuals powerful enough to run their petty citadels and elemental empires but not rise to become rivals to their power. These are the jann, beings made of multiple primal elements. A beautiful people of striking appearance and demeanor, they suffer the egos of their masters and keep such great metropolises as the City of Brass in some sense of order. Made of Many...

Kobolds Hit Rock Bottom

Like all good adventures, this one started in a bar. It was the day before PaizoCon 2011 begins in Bellevue, and Wolfgang Baur was hosting a get-together of creatives at the upstairs loft of the Rock Bottom Tavern in downtown Bellevue. While most of the regulars at the bar were cheering the NBA championships (and later listening to a fairly bad cover band), the Open Design Krewe pushed together a staggering number of tables so the 20–25 or so...

My First Gen Con: Jeff Grubb

Jeff Grubb sets the Wayback Machine to the golden age of RPGs with his contribution to our “My First Gen Con” series of guest posts. My first Gen Con was in 1978, at the University of Parkside campus, Kenosha. I regret that I missed the Playboy club the year before, but the idea of capturing an entire (small) campus for a convention, for a GAMING convention was at that time, insane. I ended up at Parkside as a result of a number of things...

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