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Articles By Author - Greg Oppedisano and Clinton Boomer

D&D Economics, Part 4

Rule 31. Arch Wizard Miltonous Freidmanicus first coined the phrase “Trickle Down Economics” to describe his theory of economics which should control inflation and thus ensure a properly functioning sustainable growth curve. The cornerstone of his philosophy is never taxing adventurers. An untaxed adventurer is a motivated adventurer and willing to continue to grow his or her networth at a startling rate. Most high level adventurers...

Friday Funny: D&D Economics, Part 2

Last week’s Friday Funny on Everything I Know about Economics, I Learned from D&D was popular enough that we’ve asked Clinton and Greg for more… And they went shopping. Rule 11: Everyone you will ever meet will charge you for every service they will ever do for you, with the exception of your friends, who will never charge you anything. If you are somehow able to become friends with a wizard, a doctor, a lawyer, a priest,...

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