Articles By Author - Derek Kagemann

Fistful of Lead: Dark Sword Angel

The 2007 Special Edition Elmore Angel is part of the Elmore Masterwork series, produced by Dark Sword Miniatures. It is a piece of Larry Elmore’s iconic artwork (reproduced here) transformed into a 28mm figurine by Jeff Grace, an industry notable himself. The angel comes in three pieces, a body and a separate pair of wings. She wears a flowing dress, which closely resembles a wedding gown, and has long, straight hair that falls halfway to her...

Fistful of Lead: Bromor Hunter

Scibor’s line of 28 mm fantasy dwarves have the feel of stout chess pieces. They lord over the game table like a rook, a brick wall ready to halt anything thrown at them. The Bromor Hunter is no exception. If this dwarf, with his multi-barreled rifle propped over one shoulder, is a mere hunter then I’d hate to see his prey. The Bromor Hunter is wearing a monocle over one eye and what looks like an aviator’s cap, with a raised pair of goggles...

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