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Fistful of Lead: Bromor Hunter

Fistful of Lead: Bromor Hunter

Scibor’s line of 28 mm fantasy dwarves have the feel of stout chess pieces. They lord over the game table like a rook, a brick wall ready to halt anything thrown at them. The Bromor Hunter is no exception. If this dwarf, with his multi-barreled rifle propped over one shoulder, is a mere hunter then I’d hate to see his prey.

The Bromor Hunter is wearing a monocle over one eye and what looks like an aviator’s cap, with a raised pair of goggles over his brow. He wears a heavy cloak and quilted tunic over a mail hauberk that extends all the way to the ground. This is a figure that would look perfectly at home captaining one of the Dwarven Airships detailed in Kobold Quarterly #7. [More…]

The figure is cleanly cast, without any of the cavities often seen in resin models due to bubbles trapped during the casting process. There were imperfections on one side of the model’s face and under its belt pouch. These seemed severe at first glance, but all that was required was a craft knife and a scant few minutes to clean them away and restore the detail. The two rifle components for this 3-piece model came free from their sprue without incident and were easily filed to fit.

Included with this figure was a 20 mm resin scenic base. Mounted dead-center, the dwarf covers up nearly all of the detail, so it’s best to either offset the figure or set this base aside for a different model. This is a base that deserves to be seen.

This is a compact model, which doesn’t leave much room for conversion. Compared to the rest of the model, the rifle lacks detail and would be improved by drilling holes or indentations into the ends of the barrels and adding some texture to the butt. I found the resin to be exceptionally easy to work with.

Scibor’s Monstrous Miniatures (Poland)
Price: $9.00 (6.50 €)
Details: 30 mm Resin (incl. scenic base)

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