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Articles By Author - Daniel Perez

Krampus Christmas Carnival: Enter the Krampus! (Part 3 of 3)

The dark cohort of old St. Nick, the Krampus is the sinister creature tasked with punishing the little boys and girls who fail to listen to their parents throughout the year. Presented here for your holiday entertainment is a collection of Krampuses—a bundle of badness who are intent on leaving behind lumps of coal and teaching a few fear-inspired lessons for a trio of game systems! So, tell your players to be good, lest the Krampus come into...

It’s Alive!

Get ready to channel your inner Dr. Frankenstein as we launch March Monster Madness! During the month of March, we at the Dragon Age Oracle are running an AGE System Monster Design Challenge in partnership with Open Design/Kobold Quarterly. Check out the following threads on the Kobold forums: Best Midgard Monster: Any creature originally published by Open Design in one of the Midgard canon products (see below) for another system converted to...

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