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Articles By Author - Christopher Lockey

Warlock’s Apprentice: The Bloodstone Gargoyle of Bratislor Pass

A hulking effigy carved from solid bloodstone clings to the sanctuary steeple. A closer look reveals a sinister winged creature of elemental earth that bears the loathsome likeness of a demonic statue with long, curving horns and a prodigiously wicked grin. The sound of grinding stone and the blinking of two luminous crimson eyes precede the gargoyle’s lightning-swift assault. The Bloodstone Gargoyle of Bratislor Pass Large elemental, chaotic...

Warlock’s Apprentice: The Band of the Twice Damned

Six infamous outriders in the service of King Lucan and Emperor Nicoforus the Pale. The following serves as a grim dossier, detailing six unique non-player characters (NPCs) who prowl the shadow-haunted realms of Midgard’s Blood Kingdom. These villainous outriders are united by their allegiance to a sinister mercenary company known as the Band of the Twice Damned, a cruel and cunning cadre of elite vampire spawn and other denizens of the night...

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