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More Locales of the Southlands

Cartography by Anna Meyer The Mbazha Mountains serve as the spine between the arid Crescent Desert and the plains of Narumbeki, and this range holds untapped wealth and wondrous secrets. Rumors speak of the fell magics of the Skin Stealer gnolls (Southlands, p. 93) or the glittering riches of the Diamond Caverns (Southlands, p. 152). …

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Arabian Nights: Maxfield Parrish

Antagonists of the Southlands

Leaning casually against the edge of the balcony opening, the lion-headed rakshasa peered at the heroes with yellow cat-eyes. Gunnar stepped forward, hefting his thrice-blessed axe. “Foul creature! We shall free this land of your evil touch!” “DO WE HAVE GUESTS, BHUKASTA?” The booming voice crashed down upon them as a massive face appeared beyond …

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Genie Shaitan Matt Bulahao

Southlands: Favorite Player Options

The assagi stabbing spear…Aeromancers exchanging their spells for air-themed powers…werelions!…animal hide armors…zebra mounts…the huge elemental companions of the Tamasheq paladins…the Kijani, a playable race of symbiotic plants…tactical feat trees of the Narumbeki Legions…the bounty of poisons and medicinal plants of the Living Jungle of Kush… The Southlands project has generated an amazing slate of player …

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