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Shades of Magic: Elven Secrets

The Elves abandoned Midgard for other realms many ages ago. However, many of their mysterious, epic enchantments remained behind. Their unique artifacts and puissant magic items are still hidden deep in ancient forests and in timeless ruins for the intrepid (or foolhardy) adventurer to discover and claim. Armours of the Cavalier Armor, very rare, requires …

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Shades of Magic: A Taste of Clockwork

Clockwork Magic Items Clockwork magic originated in the Free City of Zobeck, amongst the human, dwarf, and especially kobold followers of Rava, the Goddess of Gears and Fate. It has rapidly spread across the breadth of Midgard in the last century, and clockwork spells and magic items can now be found almost anywhere in Midgard, …

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The Southlands Come Alive: Lost Cities of Gold and Salt

This time we provide you with a teaser for the lost cities of the Southlands. Come take a look at Adam Roy’s peek at what’s in store for you in the Southlands Kickstarter. “Mardas Vhula-gai” is a ruined city overrun by tribes of Dabu gnolls, an outpost of the Kingdom of the Gnoll Queen, located …

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Thirteen Zobecker Character Traits

The denizens of Zobeck are a diverse polyglot of peoples and traditions. They live a hard but robust life in and around their beloved city. Thus they have skills and abilities not found elsewhere in Midgard. Here are a few uniquely Zobeckian traits to make PCs and NPCs as unique as the city itself.

Relic: Sarastra’s Shadow

If you need a sword with a bit of lore and a decided preference for elves, Sarastra’s Shadow might be exactly what you’re looking for. Take a peek. Sarastra’s Shadow Aura strong illusion     CL 18th Slot none     Weight 3 lbs. Description This minor artifact is a keen spellstoring holy frost longsword that has a blade …

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Midgard: A Devil May Rise

Thiloquenn the devil sat patiently in his shadows. Shadows he was used to, but patience was a virtue he was still attempting to practice. Fortunately for the devil, Zobeck is full of shadows. So, Thiloquenn meditated in his wreathing shadows, waiting for his unsuspecting victim. “Ah, here he is…” thought the small, red devil when …

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Tips from the Designing Better Feats and Traits Seminar

Kobolds Wolfgang Baur and Sigfried Trent joined forces at PaizoCon 2011 on Sunday. Their goal for this seminar: They wanted to provide you with some excellent tips and tricks for designing better feats and traits. To help fulfill this goal, we’ve collected the highlights from the seminar and posted them here. What’s the most important …

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