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Folk Magic: Magic Items for Wilderness Dwellers

In a magic-heavy world, what kind of magic items do wilderness dwellers use in their day-to-day lives?

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Adam has been playing TTRPGs for almost forty years, and has been a freelance game writer and editor for decades. He has written for Kobold Press, Paizo, White Wolf, and others. He is also a full-time father, husband, and e-commerce guru…. He manages all of this by avoiding sleep altogether.

Folk Magic: Items of Everyday Wonder

Bag of Marbles Wondrous Item, Uncommon (Requires Attunement) This small, innocuous-looking leather bag contains glass marbles, and one marble can be removed at a time. When a marble is tossed on the ground, it magically becomes hundreds of marbles that create difficult terrain in a 10-by-10-foot square. Any Large or smaller creature entering or leaving …

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Folk Magic: Cantrips

Arcane Trail (Mountain Druid Magic) Enchantment cantripCasting time: 1 actionRange: TouchComponents: SDuration: 24 hours This simple cantrip allows druids and rangers to mark a trail, leading compatriots to them or identifying a trail for themselves. After casting the cantrip, the spellcaster can make up to twelve 1-inch arcane marks on any surfaces (including liquids, like …

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