Actual Play: Halls of the Mountain King

Actual Play: Halls of the Mountain King

Time for an Actual Play photo set from Robert Ringrose for Halls of the Mountain King! (Potential spoilers ahead.)

“I’m running Hall of the Mountain King,” says Robert. “The group is at the point where they go down into the depths to repair the Shank. You probably remember that at this point, the spirit of the mountain animates a sixty-foot-tall colossus. It took some doing to figure out how to impress the scale upon the PCs. Since we use figures, I made one for the colossus. (The Legos on the ground were some of the leg armor.) Note the monk on the colossus’ back. The dwarf up near the head is actually flying, not balancing on its shoulder.

“You might be amused by the fact that in a previous encounter, with the scrimshaw skeletons, the players got zero facts from the skeletons. That surprised me—these players are usually pretty quick about putting clues like that together. I think they thought the scrimshaw was a spell binding or animating them rather than a story they might want to read. The relevant rolls they made to have that impression corrected were, collectively, very low and they were too panicked about the shadows’ strength drain to rethink. I’ll have to think about how to carefully nudge them to asking the right questions later.”

Thanks, Robert! Looks like a blast!

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