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Saints of Midgard: St. Habetti

Saints of Midgard: St. Habetti

The Midgard Worldbook already details a score of saints dedicated to the war god Mavros, but the other deities have their share of saints as well. Saints of Midgard uncovers some of these holy personages, including information on their origins, followers, blessings and miracles, and the relics attributed to them.

Saint Habetti, Saint of the Sands

Origins. The Southlands of Midgard is a vast region that is home to a diverse range of peoples, cultures, and religions, yet despite this, there are far fewer saints in the Southlands than there are in the north. One of the few famous saints of the southern deserts is St. Habetti, a priest of Thoth-Hermes who was raised to join the priesthood in Makuria.

Although an avid scholar with a keen interest in cosmology, Habetti was far from a simple bookworm and enjoyed exploring the vastness of the desert regions surrounding Makuria while taking readings of the stars and their movements. As such, he frequently accompanied merchants on their travels to Nuria-Natal and elsewhere, using his clerical skills to aid his companions. It was during one of these trips that Habetti received his first great vision from Thoth-Hermes, a vision that allowed him to save the merchant caravan he was with from vicious gnoll slavers.

This vision was the first of a series of premonitions that Habetti had over his lifetime. While some of these premonitions were relatively straightforward, others were far more cryptic in nature and pertained to events far off in the future or that occurred in distant lands. Habetti began recording his visions in a journal that he kept with him at all times. He often reflected upon them, praying for guidance in deciphering some of the more troubling or mysterious ones.

Toward the end of his life, Habetti began receiving dire portents pertaining to the destruction of Makuria and set off with a group of holy warriors to put an end to it. While Habetti did not return from this expedition, a few survivors did and told a fantastic tale of a flying pyramid controlled by a terrible serpent-headed pharaoh and its fiery destruction by the saint.

Followers. Few commoners venerate Habetti, and many people outside the priesthood are entirely unaware of his sainthood. Those who do venerate Habetti are typically astronomers, scribes, or soothsayers. Many confuse Habetti with Thoth-Hermes himself, considering the saint to be one of the god’s lesser aspects.

Habetti’s most ardent followers are his own descendants, the product of the many children he left behind when he departed on his final expedition. Known as the Order of the Cosmic Eye, these followers have become information brokers and spies, both as a way of making money and of locating Habetti’s remains. However, their choice of name offends the priesthood of Horus, who believe it to be an affront to their god.

Blessings and Miracles. Blessings associated with Habetti are few in number. They include the appearance of a small desert snake falling out of the sky at a person’s feet and dreams in which Habetti appears to warn the victim of impending doom, his head wreathed in a halo of flaming stars.

All of Habetti’s miracles came in the form of the visions he received directly from Thoth-Hermes. Aside from the premonition that led to his death and his very first vision, his most famous prophecy is that of the rise of the Mharoti Empire, an event that superseded his demise by over forty years.

Holy Relic

The relics of the saints are items of renown and power, vitally important to those of the same faith and zealously sought after and guarded.


Wondrous item, artifact (requires attunement)

Appearing as a dog-eared journal with yellowing pages and a cover of tattered black leather, this unremarkable-looking tome is one of the holiest texts in all of Thoth-Hermes’s priesthood. Left by St. Habetti before his final departure, the book was gifted to the priesthood by his wife. It was studied meticulously by the senior members of Thoth-Hermes’s priesthood, who copied much of its contents. The book is now kept in a special vault somewhere in one of the great libraries of the Southlands, known only to a select few priests.

The Tome of Saint Habetti contains over 150 prophesies left by St. Habetti, most of which have yet to be fulfilled. The book is written in a unique mixture of Enochian and Void Speech, and deciphering its contents requires three separate DC 18 Intelligence checks and at least 3 weeks of study. Once you have done this, you become attuned to the book.

Esoteric Knowledge. While you are attuned to the book, you have advantage on Arcana, History, and Religion checks and can treat any reroll you make with one of these skills as a natural 20 on the die roll up to three times per day.

Spells. While you are attuned to the book, you can cast the spells divination, find the path, foresight, and legend lore without the need for material componentseach once per day.

Destroying the book. While the book’s physical form can be destroyed with relative ease, it magically rejuvenates 1d10 days after such an event occurs. It is said that the journal will vanish only once all of its prophecies have been fulfilled.


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