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Midgard Monday: Eyes of the Dragon Empire

Midgard Monday: Eyes of the Dragon Empire

It’s Midgard Monday! Each week, we visit a corner of the wide world of Midgard. Look for standalone content you can drop into your campaign—whether it’s in Midgard or your own homebrew. Find new inspiration each Midgard Monday!

The Mharoti Empire has a reputation as the most intimidating military presence on the land. Even kingdoms outside of the Empire’s front lines have heard of the power and majesty of the Armies of the Dragon.

Fewer know to look out for Mharoti’s extensive spy network, though. Here, we’ll set out tables to create your own covert operative, for Mharoti or any sufficiently bankrolled nation in your own home game.

Make Your Own Draconic Agents

Each operative has an Origin, Mission, and Ambition. Choose an interesting option from the table below or roll a d8 for each one and consult the Operative Chart table.

Operative Chart

2ExpatriateBlack Market TraderFamily Obligation
4Local ConvertInformation GatheringMoral Compass
5ScionOverseerPolitical Aspirations
6Sleeper AgentSabotageRevenge
7VolunteerSlaverThrill Seeker


An operative’s origin tells you a little about their background. It may help connect this NPC with the PCs or give you insights into how you, as the GM, can play that NPC.

Apprenticeship. The operative is inexperienced and has disadvantage on a single Charisma-based skill. Downtime activities involving this NPC take 50% longer.

Expatriate. The operative is a trusted member of Mharoti society and is accompanied by 1d4 edjet(see Creature Codex).

Indebted. The operative has an NPC they are paying off, and is always accompanied by a pact drake (see Creature Codex), who enforces the deal.

Local Convert. The operative is a local convert, whose mother is very worried about their recent behavior.

Scion. The operative is a highly visible member of Mharoti nobility and recognizable with an Intelligence (History) check made with disadvantage.

Sleeper Agent. The operative doesn’t remember their background.A greater restoration spell removes the blockage, and one NPC in the region knows the truth about the agent’s past.

Volunteer. The operative volunteered for the assignment but is still inexperienced and needs additional help from adventurers without being specific about their mission.

Zealot. The operative has advantage on saving throws during missions that deal with national security. They are at disadvantage to Wisdom (Insight) checks that involve the Empire.


Each operative’s Mission is their primary job while in a location. They may be there days, months, or years. While this is their primary mission, it’s likely the operative has secondary objectives, assigned by the Empire or personal goals.

Assassination. The operative is there to kill a major NPC in a highly visible public place as a message to others.

Black Market Trader. The operative can get goods at 50% of market value, but continually using the agent lowers the PCs’ Status by 2.

Demagogue. The operative’s mission is to raise tensions, which grates on the nerves of a few suspicious NPCs.

Information Gathering. The operative is a classic spy. A gullible PC has been the most recent target of their deceptions.

Overseer. The operative is a handler and has an assassin, 2d4 thugs, or a bandit captain and 3d6 bandits at their command.

Sabotage. The operative framed the PCs for their last target. They carelessly left a clue at the scene of the crime that leads back to their hideout.

Slaver. The operative has 2d4 thugsto act as muscle and 3d10 commonersas prisoners. A few NPCs have clues to their loved ones’ disappearances.

Theft. The operative plans to steal important information or items from an event the PCs are attending.


The operative’s Ambition is their reason for working in their current role. Sometimes these motivations put them at odds with their Mission. NPCs might hire PCs to help them with their Ambition while keeping those meddling people out of their official work.

Enmity. The operative has advantage on Wisdom (Insight) and disadvantage on Charisma (Deception) checks against locals.

Family Obligation. The operative’s family is influential and has gifted them with a minor dragon such as a keyhole dragonette (see Tome of Beasts 2) as a companion.

Glory. The operative does high-visibility work. Knowing this gives PCs Inspiration when tracking the operative.

Moral Compass. The operative has advantage on Wisdom saving throws when on a mission, but has angered an important NPC, known to the PCs, with their behavior.

Political Aspirations. The operative wants to supplant another influential NPC, local or abroad. They’re amassed 1,500 gp worth of private assets for this goal.

Revenge. The operative has another NPC whom the PCs know, that they would like to see suffer. The operative gains advantage on attack rolls against the PCs if they interfere.

Thrill Seeker. The operative has disadvantage on Wisdom (Insight) checks made when confronted with a dangerous task.

Wealth. The operative has heard of the PCs’ resources and takes a keen interest in their movements.

EXAMPLE: Selime al’Aydin, Spymaster of Longezza

For example, we roll a 2 on Origin, 3 on Mission, and 5 on Ambition, creating a citizen of the Empire whose job is to rabble rouse, and who dreams of larger political power. Longezza is noted for many things, including its all-female population, weavers, sail menders, and hospitals. This specialty puts it at the forefront of military concerns, and the populace of the city struggles with the need to promote the teachings of Rava and the safety of the Kyprion isle. Selime, a female human priest posing as a devotee of Rava, is originally from the Imperial capital of Harkesh to a lowly human family.

Selime spends her days in service to the weavers of the temple, slowly spreading rumors of government incompetence and fostering feelings of jealousy and ineptitude of Queen Kitane’s leadership. She’s at the back of each discussion, firing up any vocal dissent from the priestesses and citizens of the city. To the other citizens of Longezza, she is a loyal, though outspoken and impetuous, member of the clergy. She is steadily affecting the productivity of the menders and seamstresses, distracting them from the war effort and making it more likely that draconic fleets can safely land in Longezza’s ports. From this, she expects a great reward: governorship over the city when the Dragon Armies finally take Longezza.

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