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Congratulations to Mike Selinker and all of the talented authors who contributed their insights to the Kobold Guide To Board Game Design: the book has been nominated for the Origins Award for Best Game-Related Publication!

If you’re attending the 2012 Origins Game Fair, I hope you’ll cast your vote for the KGBGD this year. The response we’ve gotten on it from readers and reviewers has been some of the best we’ve received for any product, praising it for presenting  valuable insights and how-to advice on game design in an approachable way. It doesn’t hurt that the book features essays by an outstanding roster of designers:

  • Richard Garfield (Magic: The Gathering)
  • Steve Jackson (Munchkin)
  • Dale Yu (Dominion)
  • James Ernest (Kill Doctor Lucky)
  • Lisa Steenson (Redneck Life)
  • Rob Daviau (Risk: Pacific)
  • Matt Forbeck (Space Hulk: Genestealer)
  • Dave Howell (Lamarckian Poker)
  • Richard C. Levy (Furby)
  • Andrew Looney (Fluxx)
  • Michelle Nephew (Ren Faire)
  • Paul Peterson (Harry Potter TCG, Guillotine)
  • Mike Selinker (Lords of Vegas)
  • Jeff Tidball (Horus Heresy, World of Warcraft Adventure Game)
  • Teeuwynn Woodruff (Betrayal at House on the Hill)

Haven’t read it yet? Pick it up at the Kobold Store.

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