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Kobold Gift Guide for a belated Valentine’s Day

Kobold Gift Guide for a belated Valentine’s Day

The month of love is upon us! But wait . . . Valentine’s Day was two days ago.

Did . . . did you forget to get something for that special someone? Ooohhh. Oh no. OMG. Flowers might not cut it this time.

Let old uncle Kobold Gift Guide put some ideas in your head about how to make it up. With the power of GAMING STUFF. Maybe some of these babies can get you advantage on your Charisma save.

Date Night Dungeons

Date Night Dungeons is a 5E adventure for only two. Each partner is both game master and player, and mysteries unfold for both participants as the story moves forward.

Couples are encouraged to switch gamemaster duties for each section and to read only the current section to avoid spoilers. The adventure encourages romance between the couple’s characters with mechanics like Attraction Points to determine whether the PCs fall in love by the story’s end.

Price: $31.95 Paperback. Date Night Dungeons

Keep Your Dice Close to Your Heart

Every gamer loves dice. A lot of people have favorite sets.

Get your special someone a special place to keep that special set. They’ll think of you every time they sit down to crack some monster skulls.

These dice boxes are custom laser engraved boxes cut from Baltic Birch plywood. Covers and spines are dyed rose red and painted for a distressed look. They come in two different sizes with custom cut foam inserts to hold a 7-piece dice set. The creator also offers a custom engraving for you and your partner’s name (or a short message). To top it off, they come with a set of dice!

Price: Starting at $32.95. Stevens Woodworks RVA

A Journal for Your Adventures Together

What’s a better gift for your loved one than somewhere for them to record their characters? OK, there are probably a lot of better gifts, but this has got to be in the top 10.

These campaign journals come in a variety of colors. They’re handmade, featuring 80 pages of recycled paper (helping our Earth roll its CON save!). The books are softcover and crafted to suit one campaign for recording one character, background information, NPCs encountered along the way, quest, and other notes.

Price: $12.98 Each. EverythingDiceCo

Get Stuck on Someone

Stickers like these are a small gift that you typically can give on top of something else, almost like a stocking stuffer, but romantic and nerdy and not strictly Christmas-related.

These 2–3″ stickers are also laminated to assure they are scratch resistant. Also, when I saw the “I want to grow kobold with you,” sticker, it was kismet.

Price: $14.00 (Set of 5). mtnqueststudios

Charm Them with a Whole Book of Magic Items

An always great gift for gamemasters and players alike is a book full of MAGIC ITEMS!

The Kobold Press Vault of Magic comes in a pocket edition for ease of reference and transportation. This book has more than 900 magic items!

Your loved one will find plenty of armors, weapons, potions, rings, and wands to fill their hearts desires. It has more than 30 items developed by special guest designs of the industry, along with fabled items that grow in power as characters rise in levels. It even contains new item themes such as clockwork or monster-inspired.

This book of magical items is sure to randomly generate little hearts over your valentine’s head.

Price: $24.99 (Pocket Edition). Kobold Press

As a last-second note, if you’re speedy and looking at this early in the day, the Game Master’s Guide for Tales of the Valiant closes on Kickstarter today! This book contains a lot of great advice and insight on a lot of GMing topics to make your h game extra LOVELY.
Game Master’s Guide ends today!

about Jonathan Miley

Jonathan Miley was introduced to D&D during his high school days when he quickly become the forever DM for his groups. Jonathan’s love for anything fantasy, science fiction, and horror fueled his desire to create adventures and monsters. His first published adventure was A Drinking Problem, where he fell in love with Kobold Press’s Rum Gremlins and created the Gremlin Rum Lord that appeared in Tome of Beast 2. Jonathan has since published various creatures in Tome of Beast 3 such as the Coastline Reaper, Shadow Lurker, and the Forgotten Regent.

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