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Good Times for Trapspringers

Good Times for Trapspringers

The last couple months have been good times for KQ, with one important exception. Subscriptions are up. I’m seeing great articles from freelancers, full of fire and vinegar. And not least, KQ is a semi-finalist for the Origins Award.

The bad news is (more) that apparently the GSL will force the magazine to choose sides in the Edition Wars. This is a huge disappointment, and it destroys my hopes for KQ to bring fans of both editions together. Some of the 4e hints are exciting (and it’s certainly going to be shiny for a couple months), and I am very fond of what 3e brought to gaming.

So being asked to choose between the two as a publisher: well, it annoys me. I see why it makes sense for Hasbro. But it feels like a bit of a trap until I can actually read the license and the rules. I’m ignoring the issue until I can poke it with a stick or something. Ask me again in July.

In the meantime, let’s stress the positive. Issue #5 is well in hand. More and more, it’s the community’s magazine, not just mine. The KQ forums are offering some fine suggestions. A core group of regular authors has formed, and a few superstars are willing to drop in from time to time. And KQ is publishing brand new writers as well. All of that makes me extremely proud.

As a result, I’m writing less features. Yes, I’ll still write the editorials and the back page Free City column. But it’s a good sign when the editor has a deep well to draw from, and I’m happy to step back and invest that time in Open Design and other writing.

Many more kobold tricks and surprises to come!

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