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Fistful of Lead: Hrothagar the Iron-Hearted

Fistful of Lead: Hrothagar the Iron-Hearted

Hrothagar the Iron Hearted is a dwarf barbarian to his core. A bald head ends in a three-prong beard. His left hand easily holds a drinking horn while his left holds his rune-marked axe behind his head. His broad belt, studded with more runes, a belt pouch, and a sack. Another belt pouch is directly under his left arm and one more right under the belt.

The majority of the details come out on Hrothangar’s board shoulders and muscular back. The figure’s many muscle groups should take to shading and highlighting with ease.

No pants for the Iron-Hearted, but rather, a bearskin covering. His boots appear to be done of leather. To cap it off, Tre has done a fantastic job on not only making the dwarf a mean looking bastard, but put a pipe in his mouth.

Base and Painting
Hrothangar is a three-piece miniature that did not come with a base for review purposes. His right hand, holding the battle axe, is on a separate piece with his pipe. Be careful when removing the pipe as if you clip too much of the delicate piece, you’ll have a hard time sculpting another one out of green stuff. Unlike Ullr the Red, there was no problem with assembly. You can even put the battle axe onto a part of the back to give the weapon more points of contact to augment the glue bond.

In terms of preparation, there was no flack on the figure. Mold lines are non-existent on the model but strangely enough, faintly visible on the axe itself. There was almost no flash, just one speck of it on the lower edge of the axe. I just give it a wash with warm water and soap to remove any oily residue, probably more from my hands and handling than the mold at this point. The right hand has a slight peg for the hand and it fit without any additional modification. I snapped the figure into a 30mm round base with no problems.

Utility and Value

In terms of utility, Hrothangar is perfect for any fantasy RPG in need of a barbarian dwarf. In terms of scale, while approximately the same height as a Warhammer dwarf, his frame is far too normal and not boxlike enough. Rather, this figure would be right at home in a Celtos game as even the belt pouch under his belt seems directly influenced by that line.

At $7.99, Hrothangar is priced slightly higher than Reaper miniatures and lower than most other companies.

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