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New Magic Options - Marcel Mercado

When did you decide to become an illustrator, and why did you make this choice?

It’s now two years since I’ve been on my own. I’ve always been involved with the arts in one way or another. I’ve been an art director, concept artist, texture artist. I chose illustration because it allowed me to do art with less technical restrictions.

Please tell us a little about your work style and technique.

All my professional work is digital, since it allows me to be fast and it allows me to keep costs down. As far as style goes, that’s tough. I have a lot of influences; I try to hide and incorporate them as best as I can. I like keeping things loose and only refining some key areas.

What is your favorite piece you did for Deep Magic . . . and why?

Bloodline and Mysteries - Marcel MercadoThat’s a little bit hard to decide. There are a couple that really stand out to me. Ultimately I would chose the Bloodlines and Mysteries. I really like the flow and focus of that piece and that snarling rakshasa.

Anything else of interest relating to your work and/or working on Deep Magic you might want to add? :)

I want to point out that I had a lot of fun with this project. I want to thank Marc and Wolfgang for making me a part of it!

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