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Midgard Monster Lore: The Nightgarm (Part 3)

Her efforts drove the beasts back, and other armed warriors were able to pour out behind her, armed but none in armor. Seeing she was no longer alone, she pressed forward, a wedge of sharp steel falling in behind her. For a moment, it looked as though they would drive the creatures out altogether. Two things happened at once. The first, a worg leapt atop a cart some ten yards distant. It wore arm rings on its forelimbs like the bangles on some...

Midgard Monster Lore: The Nightgarm (Part 2)

From the journal of Hallvard the Left-Handed, priest of the All-Father (continued)… The old man leaned back on the bench with his fresh mug of ale and rested his head against the wall. He stared in the same unfocused way at the timber ceiling and spoke again. When the howling began, the men paid it little attention, still waiting for Ox-Bjorn to explain himself. He set one end of the wooden beam in the snow and then lifted it again, this...

Midgard Monster Lore: The Nightgarm (Part 1)

From the journal of Hallvard the Left-Handed, priest of the All-Father: Last winter, I had the misfortune of arriving in Huldramose just as winter settled in. If there’s anything worse than a bog, it’s a half-frozen bog. I’d come with a purpose, however. My home, at least for the past few years, was one of many scattered villages along the fjords of Trollheim, but the residents of two of those villages had been killed to a...

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