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Ask the Oracle: Cellphones

Dear Kobold Oracle, The newest player in my group is constantly checking their cell phone despite that I’ve mentioned more than once that we don’t usually use electronics at the table. On top of that, the rest of our party uses real dice, but he insists on using his cell phone for die rolling, so there’s no way to know if he’s cheating. I’m also convinced he’s looking up the stats for monsters we encounter and using them to decide character...

Ask the Oracle: New Games

Dear Kobold Oracle, I’ve been invited to join in a roleplaying game with some friends next week that I met on summer break. I haven’t really decided if I’ll go or not, but if I do, what should I bring with me? Is there anything helpful I should know ahead of time? ___ Dear Gamer, Congratulations on new friends and a potential new game! Tabletop roleplaying games are a lot of fun, and I hope you not only go but enjoy yourself...

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