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Articles By Author - Eric Hindley

Monarch of the Monsters 4: Echo Demon

In the past few weeks, we had many wonderful entries to the Monarch of the Monsters contest, and our talented and skilled judges chose five finalists from among the entries. We now present those five finalists to you so that you can enjoy them, and, at the end of the week, vote on your favorite. This time, we have the echo demon by Eric Hindley. This vaguely humanoid creature has a bat-like face and large claws of twisted, rusting iron at the...

Monster Monday: Margreve Backpack Gecko

This 12-inch-long green-scaled gecko has backswept horns and ridges down its back. It turns and regards you with startlingly human eyes before bunching powerful muscles and leaping. The malicious fey creatures colloquially referred to as Margreve backpack geckos (a reference to their small stature and tendency to turn up in travelers’ gear) are a tremendous danger to adventurers in Midgard. The combination of paralytic poison and craving for...

Seize the Tin Crown Entry: The Clockwork Stalker

Over the past several days, we’ve been posting the entries we received for the Seize the Tin Crown contest. These will each be only lightly proofread so that you, our voting public, have a chance to judge them based on your own criteria. After we post the last of the entries, we’ll be calling for you all to vote. The winner will seize the tin crown! Oh, the power! Watch yourself in Zobeck! The clockwork stalker might be waiting for you. The...

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