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Articles By Author - Chris Lozaga

Ley Lines Finalist: “A Done Deal, a Final Act, and a Parting” by Chris Lozaga

We have six finalists in the Ley Lines fiction contest, and here is Chris Lozaga’s entry for your reading pleasure.“Put your considerable girth between me and the crowd, else it will look as though we are breaking in,” Ivka said slyly as his nimble, scaly hands furiously worked a set of picks. Gremmel, twice his height and four times as thick, glared at him, glanced over her shoulder and did the best she could to mask the kobold’s efforts...

Delving into the Caves of Chaos with a New Iteration of D&D

Meatspray. That is the nickname my fighter earned within the first hour of playtesting D&D Next. Granted, as a player I naturally lean toward exploiting the rules—ever play Street Fighter 2 and get pinned in the corner by Ken or Ryu and then subsequently kicked over and over again into oblivion? Yeah, I am that guy. I opened the playtest rules, picked the biggest and baddest weapon, and looked up all the tactics that I could use to maximize...

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