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Articles By Author - By Neal F. Litherland

Tournaments: The King and Queen of Sharps

You can never trust the faces presented to you in the twisted alleys or on the colorful promenades of the city. The smiling merchant might be weighting the scales, the richly dressed woman might live in a mean little room, and the harmless beggar may be nothing of the sort. If you know what to look for, though, you can tell the hawks from the popinjays. The young woman with her hair in curls and her round cheeks cut by a smile might look...

The Iron Horsemen

One of the most common quest hooks in fantasy games is for the party to escort a person or item of importance on a journey. It might be a diplomat on her way to sign an important peace treaty, a prince on his way to be betrothed, or even a relic of power being sought by an ancient death cult. When those in power need security, they seek out adventurers to lend their unique skills to the task. Of course, given how often nobles, politicians, and...

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