Articles By Author - Adam W. Roy

Shades of Magic: Totems of Power

Totem magic is a very real and very powerful force in Midgard. All totem spirits are said to be descended from the World Serpent Ouroboros and bear a small portion of his creative power. Below are a few examples of totemic magics in Midgard. Majestic Might of Owls Totem Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement) This feathered necklace grants the wearer advantage on Charisma checks (Intimidation) and Wisdom checks (Perception). The wearer...

Heritage Feats For Southlands Player Characters

(For use in the Midgard World Setting – Pathfinder Rules) A heritage feat represents an ability gained through genetics, cultural upbringing, or a childhood event that occurred prior to beginning your adventuring career. Heritage feats can only be taken at 1st level. Unlike standard feats, heritage feats can grant supernatural powers and spell-like abilities, and they sometimes have negative consequences as well as benefits. With the...

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