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Announcing Kobold Summer Camp!

Announcing Kobold Summer Camp!

The April 1st KoboldThe quirky kobolds have been busy at work of late, and they’re eager to let you in on their upcoming prized offerings.

So, what have we all been doing in the kobold warrens?

Kobold Summer Camp: The Ultimate Kobold Experience

Coming Soon™ to a location hidden from stupid humans, the Kobold Summer Camp will provide all comers with a rewarding experience that will both Grow and Nurture™ your inner AND outer kobold. Among our many activities, we offer Scenic Warren Hikes, Trapbuilding 101, Dragon Egg Stealing, and other standard fare.

Not a kobold? Not a problem! What’s Trapbuilding 101 without test subjects, amiright?

But what really makes Kobold Summer Camp stand apart from all the OTHER summer camps? Why, the valuable kobold skills it teaches! Including:

  • Making bullet lists of features
  • Ordering your bullet lists: what to put in the middle?
  • 15 tips for using numbers in your bullet lists
  • Remembering not to leave out the ‘k’ in the URL for the Midgard Campaign Setting
  • Care and feeding of dire weasels, with our resident expert Lefty One-Hand
  • 9 uses for a severed extremity
  • When to give up listing things and hand-wave the rest
  • And much more!

Sign up to become a happy kobold camper today, by leaving a comment here!

14 thoughts on “Announcing Kobold Summer Camp!”

  1. I plan on just showing up and then stealing an actual attendee’s badge and spot, then feeding the unwitting victim to the weasels.


  2. Christina Stiles

    Around the Kobold Kounselor Kampire, we’ll sing:

    We are the C.I.T.s, so pity us.
    The kids are brats, the food is hideous.

    I’ll let you finish the song.

  3. Our eldest daughter was quite disappointed in us that this isn’t going to happen. She wanted to raise dragon eggs. Wolfgang and I did a brainstorming session on how it could actually work if we only had the time to do it. Not happening this year, though.

  4. It took me entirely too long to remember it was April fools when you posted this… For some reason I figured you were just writing up an event at a con in a quirky way.

    Almost as bad as when I “came out of the closet” to my mom on April fools, or announced my wife’s pregnancy on April fools. Karma I guess :p

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