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The Best of Kobold, the Worst of Kobold

The Best of Kobold, the Worst of Kobold

KQ regular Marc Radle had a good idea and made it real: there’s now a series of reader polls up to choose everyone’s favorite articles from the first 14 issues of KQ, plus a thread to nominate your favorite web articles. I hope you’ll stop in and vote for your favorites.

The idea is that we might pull together a PDF of the best print and possibly also the best web content, and make it easy for people to pick up a collection of the best from our first two or three years, or give a copy to friends who might not otherwise check it out, despite the string of awards, favorable reviews, growing circulation and general ass-kicking that goes on here on a daily basis. Sometimes ya just gotta show people before they understand.

What do you think? Good idea, or great idea? Or do we take it out back and feed it to the weasels?

9 thoughts on “The Best of Kobold, the Worst of Kobold”

  1. Todd the Bladesmith

    Great idea. I suggest doing both print and web. The web content may be quicker and easier to get out there when it’s first published, but that wouldn’t make web favorites any less popular than print favorites.

  2. Sweet I really want to read the Ecology of the Lich, but I’m vehemently opposed to unauthorized pdf’s! I like see the list of articles also. As a person who occasionally sends in pitches it comes in handy.

  3. It’s a great idea.

    Recent articles that I really liked in KQ were:

    Hill-giant ecology.
    Tekari, Inevitable of Death
    The Alternate Pathfinder Priests

  4. I think it would be interesting to examine the worst, but possibly a bit cruel to the authors.

    Should gone with “Best of Kobold, Web of Kobold” or something…

  5. @Stefen – you probably want to head to the actual polls and vote for those articles … I’m pretty sure just listing them here will not help them get in the running for the Best of KQ (I felt a little like Tyra Banks just then … and yes I’m embarrassed to have just typed that :))

  6. We need more votes!

    I’ve got a feeling that most authors have cast their votes, but now we need the readers to cast theirs.

  7. @Darkjoy … I’m thinking there will be another wave of voting once Wolfgang sends out the next Kolbold Curior (assuming he is still planning on mentioning the voting in the next curior, that is! )

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