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The fourth Open Design commission, Six Arabian Nights, has been completed and has shipped to its more than 101 patrons. Initial reactions from the readers include “What a beautifully rendered collection” to “Absolutely amazing” to just plain “Wow”. To put it another way, one patrons says it will “definitely be one of the more prized pieces in my RPG collection.”

The Six Arabian Nights project recaptures the atmosphere and action of Dark Arabia and Al-Qadim in 94 pages of adventures with full color art and maps throughout. A print-on-demand version will be available to the patrons who commissioned it on or before February 14th.

At the same time, completing the commission means that the Six Arabian Nights are now no longer available to the public directly. It will be available to patrons of Blood of the Gorgon for a couple months yet, though with the usual late fee. To become a patron of Blood of the Gorgon, please donate today.

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