Lucky Number 4

Lucky Number 4

Here we are at issue #4, and I’m not sure quite how the time has flown by so quickly. It’s springtime, and an editor’s fancy turns to thoughts of new editions, new authors, and new pagecount. There’s a full-on feast of other gaming goodness in this issue, from the cover by William O’Connor to the “Ecology of the Cloaker” by Paul Leach, to the fantastic set of fighter feats by Phillip Larwood. Plus the medieval gangsters of Zobeck, the mighty mithral dragon by Mike McArtor, and the Angel of Hope by Tim and Eileen Connors, who brought us the evil of the Arch-Duke Belphegor back in issue #2.

To contain all this gaming goodness, you will also have noticed that the magazine keeps growing. We’re now up to 76 pages, just four less than 80, which is, of course, 4 times 20.

Let’s see, what other news from the mines? We’ve reached an important milestone, with more than 1,000 subscribers. Naturally, we had to celebrate. After we cleaned up the mess, we gave away a lifetime subscription, back issues, a copy of the Open Design anthology Six Arabian Nights, and the first and only Kobold Quarterly t-shirt to the 1000th subscriber, Frank Gawryla. You’ll see his smiling mug on page 11. Congratuations, Frank, and thank you to everyone who has subscribed.

Speaking of Open Design projects, the release of Blood of the Gorgon is fast approaching. It’s an urban adventure by Nicolas Logue, one of the top freelancers currently writing fantasy adventures. He has done design work for all the big companies, especially Paizo and Wizards, and so we’re especially pleased that he decided to share his design secrets with the patrons of Blood of the Gorgon. If you want a copy of the adventure and access to Logue’s design essays online, please visit and support the project. After these limited edition projects ship, it is a lot harder and more expensive to get a copy. Act now, as they say, or regret your dubious dithering forevermore.

Why am I seemingly obsessed with the number four, or least, why is it in the title of this editorial? For no reason. Seriously, they say 3 is a magic number, so split the difference, call it 3.5.

Honestly, I wish I knew what was in store for gamers everywhere, and could tell you exactly what the plans are for the Game System License, but as of this writing, the license is still not available from Wizards. So there’s just no way to know how to jump. When the game is released in June, I’ll ask readers to vote for their preferred edition in the forums at Until then, I’m looking for great gaming material that transcends rules, or at least that works well with any edition. Best I can do in the current circumstances.

If you have comments on this issue’s articles, the state of the RPG field, or a solution for buttressing silver mines in a mildly acidic matrix of igneous rock, send your couriers, letters, and email at [email protected] or to Kobold Letters, PO Box 2811, Kirkland, WA 98083.

Until then, from the mines, wishing you a happy April and a merry May.


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