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Kobold Quarterly #15 Is Beautiful

Kobold Quarterly #15 Is Beautiful

Sometimes, editors change their minds for silly reasons. This time, it was for a good reason — we got lucky with a new cover, and it’s a looker.

Those of you who examine the “Coming Next Issue” art might hve noticed that Kobold Quarterly #15 doesn’t sport the art found in issue #14. But the new cover by William O’Connor — entitled “Merlin and Arthur” — was just too good to pass up. It’s a terrific painting by any measure, with hints of the druids within the issue, with details in the swaddling clothes and hidden symbolism. I hope you like it as much as I do, though I confess I compulsively read and re-read a modernized King Arthur collection throughout 6th grade. Knights rule.

The contents of the issue are just as amazing as the cover: druids, knights, traps, and a surprise interview.

The issue contains a remarkable collection of playable material and (we hope) some truly useful tools for your game:

  • side-scrolling dungeons,
  • expanded rules for mounted combat,
  • 3 new druid base classes for Pathfinder RPG,
  • an ecology of the giant ant (!)
  • and a peek at the Black Chamber of the Cartways, the dungeons below Zobeck.

I hope you pick up the PDF edition or the print version as suits your fancy. I couldn’t be happier to welcome in the holiday season!

So tell me, what do you think of the new issue?

14 thoughts on “Kobold Quarterly #15 Is Beautiful”

  1. Good Call Wolfgang. I don’t remember what the cover was slated to be from the back of #14, but, this is awesome.

  2. Yeah, I actually really, really like the other cover as well, and it will likely appear before too long… But this one spoke to my Arthurian-loving heart.

    Man, where’s my edition of Mallory? I may need to re-read that again soon… Or finally run the perilous Pendragon adventure I have in mind.

  3. Fantastic cover! I really like William O’Connor’s work and I am a HUGE King Arthur fan so this is a double home rome!

  4. Todd the Bladesmith

    Awesomw cover art! I also really like Collaborative Killers – Tactical Maneuvers for Groups, by Michael Kortes, as well as Blades From the Past, by Alex Putnam… Hmmm… methinks I may fire the forge more soon than late! Is that Firesong I hear?

  5. Todd the Bladesmith

    Uhhh, Wolfgang, thanks, but I’ll take a pass on the kobolds. The ones you sent last time won’t leave; they’ve tunneled under the smithy, they scare the neighbors with night time forays, and quite frankly they are a bit attitudinal.

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