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Articles By Author - Quinn Murphy

Lost City Playtest Preview: Oklu Roles and Imprint Themes

The patrons and designers have completed the first drafts of the The Lost City of Kadralhu patronage project, and now is a great time to jump on if you’re curious but haven’t yet signed up. This week, we present pages from Logan Bonner, Michael Furlanetto, Tracy Hurley, and Quinn Murphy. We tried to choose sections that were as spoiler-free as possible, but if you’re planning to play this adventure, you should probably not peek. Tomorrow, we’ll...

The 7 Ales of Ninkash

Lay worshipers and priests of Ninkash spend much time brewing ale. Every drop of the ale they make, which has had prayers to the matron goddess of dwarven wine and beer chanted over it during the brewing, is “holy ale.” But certain ales are infused with the magic spells of the Vaer, the priests of Ninkash. In Kobold Quarterly 10, Ed Greenwood unveiled the mysteries of the goddess Ninkash using the 3.5 ruleset; this Kobold Quarterly Web...

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