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Saints of Midgard: St. Authketill, the Twice Slain

Saint Authketill, the Twice Slain Origins. One of the most perplexing and enigmatic saints to have walked the lands of Midgard is St. Authketill, the Twice Slain. An aasimar of indeterminate heritage but who claimed to be the grandson of Loki, Authketill was an adventurer and thief who traveled up and down the Nieder Straits …

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The Dead Adventurer’s Catalogue

Or 30 things to find on an adventurer’s corpse. ___ Holding his guttering torch out into the unlit dungeon chamber, Tarquilos thought he caught a whiff of something putrid in the air. “Do you smell that Wendell? Something has definitely died in here.” Wendell poked his head from around his friend’s brawny shoulders, the aroma …

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To the Birds: Variant Tengu (Part 1 of 4)

To support the “Ecology of the Tengu” article in the just released Kobold Quarterly #14, we bring you more feathery goodness. ___ Naro wrenched his blade from the still warm corpse of the tengu assassin. Strangely, the ambassador did not seem to be pleased. “What seems to be troubling you ambassador?” Naro bowed, inwardly smirking …

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Strangling Watcher (Urochar)

This horrible monster resembles a gigantic crimson leech slithering upright on four muscular black tentacles. At the top of its writhing trunk rest several quivering feathered antenna surrounding a great lidless eye that glows with baleful orange light. One of the most dreaded monsters of the underworld, strangling watchers (also known as urochars) have long …

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Mold Devil

Colored in various shades of gray, mauve, and olive, this fungal nightmare resembles a towering gargoyle or demon with many horn-like growths sprouting from its body to form vicious teeth and claws. Mold devils are sinister and twisted plant creatures that inhabit dense forests, waterlogged swamps, and large underground mushroom patches. While its normal form …

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Monday Monsters: Facestealer

“I will become you!” Prerequisite Doppelganger While all doppelgangers are accomplished shapeshifters, some take the art of shapeshifting to new levels. These doppelgangers are able to impersonate not just the physical form of another creature, but also some aspects of their personality, experience, and knowledge, becoming in essence the very creature they are copying. Because …

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Monday Monster: Secretion Ooze

A viscous blob of turgid pulsing fluid, this ooze is composed of the vilest bodily secretions suspended within a thin gelatinous sack. The ooze changes in color and density as it moves, trailing an odious stench and wet smoking slime. Secretion oozes are fell creations of lost sorcery, terrible experiments gone awry or diabolical sacrifices …

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