Articles By Author - Matthew Stinson

Monster Monday: Da’ling Agoman, Brass Dragon

Da’ling left his mother’s lair at the age of nine, taking with him only a hat of disguise, which he had secretly “borrowed” from his mother’s hoard. He arrived in the coastal city of Barsella and used the hat of disguise to appear as a kobold. Once among the kobolds, he used his silver tongue to talk his way into the banking world. Known about the city as “Little Brass,” Da’ling saved up his money and purchased a belt of dwarvenkind. Now he...

Clockwork Suit, Mark One

This mechanical framework combines plates of iron and dull brass. Interlocking screws vibrate and tubes full of arcane fluids pump as this metal beast takes a heavy step forward. The clockwork suit is a mechanical body with oversized arms and hands used mainly for heavy labor. Wire, tubing, and sprockets line a cast-iron frame plated in brass. When used in battle, the operator of the clockwork suit slowly presses forward, shrugging off damage...

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