Articles By Author - Konstantinos Dimopoulos

Medieval Urbanism: The Labyrinthine Realities of the Medieval City, A Designer’s Primer

The Labyrinthine Realities of the Medieval City City planner and historian Lewis Mumford famously recognized the essence of medieval urbanism in “the secrecy and the surprise, the sudden opening and the lift upwards, the richness of the carved detail.” It is that very essence, along with the mysteries fantasy tradition has constructed within it, that makes the medieval city a great environment to roleplay in, and a constant source of...

Medieval Urbanism: A Fantasist’s Introduction

Medieval Urbanism and Geography The medieval city in all its multitude of forms and guises has been a staple in contemporary myths, storytelling, and fairy tales, and has profoundly influenced fantasy RPGs. The instantly recognizable civic styles of Tolkien, the Forgotten Realms, and even the Witcher do after all draw their inspirations from places like as San Gimignano, Prague, and Carcassone. To actually design intriguing imaginary...

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