Ratatosk: New Squirrel-Folk Variants (Part One)

With the knowledge of the planes quite literally at their claw-tips, it comes as no surprise that ratatosk have a wide variety of skills and abilities.  Citizens of the World Tree The ratatosk presented in the Tome of Beasts represents a squirrel-folk trained to travel the pathways of Yggdrasil and is the one most often …

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Ratatosk: Squirrel-Folk of Midgard

Few in number, the ratatosk dwelling on Midgard represent some of the best (and worst) of their race. Some are traditional and guard World Trees or guide travelers. Others disdain the expected role society thrusts upon them and seek to carve out their own paths.  Alva Frostpaw (obsessive olfactory collector) Background. This fierce ratatosk lives …

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The Ratatosk: Spells of the Squirrel-Folk

For the squirrel-folk, spells are spells. They do not bother limiting them to one class or another. The following spells are special to the ratatosk, and they only share them with those they trust, but anyone can learn from the squirrel-folk. Spellcasters who learn a ratatosk spell must meet any level requirement. A ratatosk spell …

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The Ratatosk: Magical Items and Equipment of the Squirrel-Folk

Chaos Acorn Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement) This acorn was harvested from a branch of the World Tree growing in a chaotic area of the void. A sheen of ever-changing colors decorates its smooth surface. You can use an action to eat the acorn. Doing so triggers a chaos magic surge. Roll percentile dice …

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Ratatosk: Planar Guides and Squirrel-Folk Names

Clearly state the destination before departure. Get half-pay up front or a magically enforced promissory (usually backed by a geas spell) Use the quickest and safest route possible No “petting” the guide No squirrel jokes Fees. There is no standard rate for a ratatosk guide, and the payment varies widely from guide to guide. While …

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Ratatosk: Holiday Celebrations and Religion

Holiday Celebrations The ratatosk are a joyful race who use any excuse to hold a celebration, party, or feast. Where other faiths, such as worshippers of Perun, have days honoring specific saints, every single day of the squirrel-folk seasonal calendar is marked by a holiday. The subjects of these holidays vary from obviously important to …

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Ratatosk: Culture and Society

Ratatosk Culture and Society Unlike the common Midgardian squirrel, ratatosk are not solitary creatures, and they live in close matriarchal family groups called scurries. The squirrel-folk are proud of their heritage, and each ratatosk can proudly recite tales of their scurry back to the first squirrel, Ratatosk the Clever. The eldest female of each scurry …

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Ratatosk: Celestial Gossips

                                                                      Inspired by Norse mythology, specifically the Poetic Edda, the ratatosk are celestial humanoid squirrels who dwell in the extraplanar environment of the World Tree. Ratatosks are insatiable gossips and tricksters whose joy in gathering secrets is only eclipsed by their delight in spreading those gathered morsels of gossip in mischievous ways.  The squirrel-folk build …

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