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Magical Wastelands

Magical Wastelands: Environmental Cataclysm

This sparsely populated wilderness seems benign at first glance. A normal patch of terrain, the usual trees, clearings, and rocks. However, perhaps it does seem oddly barren. So you look closer, noticing the signs of ancient battles, the scorched bricks of a shattered mage’s tower or the fallen trees, radiating outward from a central point, …

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Bemmean Wizard

Magical Wastelands: Polluted Blights

The noxious potions, failed alchemical experiments, and magical malfunctions left to spill into the currents of local waterways leave greasy, iridescent slicks while bubbling vents emanate from slag piles consisting of accidental heaps of poorly combined reagents. This inconsiderate, mystical trash warps the creatures and alters the plants and the very terrain of the region, …

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