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Articles By Author - Tim E Werner

Mish-Mashing: A Way to Keep Track of Complicated Characters

With all the different play styles and current ways to customize characters with archetypes, it can be overwhelming enough to do a straight-up 1-20 level class. Even more so if one is using one of those really cool 15-20 page character portfolios that spread out and detail all the facets of the PC. Do any player characters still use prestige classes? Or better yet, do any players still multiclass? For those who do, consider taking a look at the...

Who’re You Going to Call?… Vigilantes!

I’ve been watching the vigilante playtest closely in anticipation of the release of Ultimate Intrigue in early 2016. If you have not had a look at the vigilante class featured in the playtest (the playtest recently closed on August 17th for final thoughts), the vigilante is reminiscent of how the modern costumed super hero goes about being heroic. The basics of the class involve having a secret vigilante identity to champion just causes against...

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