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A Pathfinder/3.5 Player’s Guide to 13th Age by Jonathan Tweet

Kobold Press has recently released a version of the Midgard Bestiary that is compatible with 13th Age, the new d20-style RPG by Rob Heinsoo and me. Wolf Baur and I go back 20 years, and he asked me to explain a little about 13th Age to his audience of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and 3.5 players. As the lead designer on D&D 3E, I’m heartened to see people still playing a version of the game system that my team and I developed. I’m especially...

My First Gen Con: Jonathan Tweet

The first time I went to Gen Con was in 1987 when Mark Rein•Hagen and I had just launched our new game-publishing company, Lion Rampant. Our plan had been to sell copies of our  new RPG, but the game was behind schedule, and the only thing we had to sell were $3 packs of “Whimsy Cards.” It’s hard to make your booth rental back when you’re selling a $3 product, but it was still a good start for us. We met people...

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