Articles By Author - Craig Johnston

Relic of Power: Visionary Goggles

Phineas Cooperbotham was a finicky old gnome, even for a powerful wizard. He liked everything to go smoothly and got rather irate when things didn’t go as planned. So one day he set out to make sure that if something drastic did go wrong, he could fix it. In fact, he determined that if it went so wrong as to require that level of adjustment then he might as well “do it again and do it right this time.” And thus were born his Visionary Goggles....

Friday Funny: Wild Simians

Kobold Quarterly was featured on Atomic Array 021. As part of the show, Open Design offered to give away a free copy of Kobold Ecologies to the person with the funniest story about an encounter with a wild animal. The winning entry was announced on the first episode of the Open Design Podcast. We present here, for your listening pleasure, Craig Johnston’s simian encounter. Enjoy. (May not be safe for some work...

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