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Last Call for Dark Deeds: The Origin of Freeport

Dark Deeds in Freeport patronage project is waiting for you! ___ Wolf asked me to talk a little bit about the origin of Freeport, so let’s go on a journey back to 2000. Early in that year, I had decided to start a new company, and I was in the process of putting together the first release, Ork: The Roleplaying Game. I was working at WotC at the time, which is how I got to know Wolf. There was a lot of talk on the roleplaying side of the...

My First Gen Con: Chris Pramas

Chris Pramas of Green Ronin shares his Gen Con memories with us in the second in our “My First Gen Con” series of guest posts. Tell us the story of your own first Gen Con (even if this upcoming one is your first) in our My First Gen Con contest! It was 1989, and I was looking for distractions. I had just finished my second year at NYU, and I was in a bit of a haze. The first great love affair of my life had ended badly, and I was...

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