Articles By Author - Bill Collins

Terrain Tidbits

Are you ready to “go vertical”? To discover the “third dimension” of tabletop gaming? Terrain adds something visually visceral to your miniatures gameplay. Even something as small and simple as barrels, boxes, walls, and trees can make a difference in player attention spans. (You can also buy terrain. There are many fine places to get terrain pieces, and they’re nearly perfect. This article is aimed at the artistic...

5 Action Point Variants

Do you want the ability to “juice the combat”? Do you want a mechanic to smooth over the rough spots, increase PC interaction with the game world, and avoid the occasional character death? Here you go! These five variants on the action point rules—fate points, hero points, kickers, player biscuits, and short takes—are ready for play, even in addition to existing action point rules, no matter the edition… Fate Points Players can steer the...

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